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A restful night full of sweet dreams can sometimes feel elusive, but without restorative sleep, it’s much harder to function at our peak mental, physical, and emotional levels.That’s why we’ve curated some of the best CBD oil products help assist with a mind-body calm. If your nightly chamomile tea isn’t quite doing the trick, maybe it’s time to explore CBD oil benefits to help you drift into dreamland.

If you’re curious about what type of CBD product to use in your pre-bedtime ritual, consider a CBD capsule about an hour before going to bed. If you’re not a fan of taking capsules, a CBD oil vape pen, formulated with calming and relaxation in mind, could be your ticket to waking up fresh as a daisy the next day. You could even drop in a CBD bath bomb for a warm, calming soak before bedtime. 

While shopping CBD for sleep, you’ll notice three types: full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate. The type is clearly labeled on every Leafly Market product page. Full spectrum extracts retain all the cannabinoids of hemp, allowing for synergistic effects. Broad spectrum extracts keep most cannabinoids, but completely remove every last trace of THC. CBD isolate is purely, simply CBD.

Leafly Market offers a restful range of CBD products from brands like Modern Nature and 2rise Naturals. Everything we sell on Leafly Market goes through our third-party lab testing to ensure transparency in contents and concentration, and every product is guaranteed to contain 0.3% or less THC by weight.