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Does your brain often feel like it’s all over the place? Our tech-heavy world of text messages, emails, DMs, social media feeds, and more can easily lead to information overload and a scatter-brained feeling. It’s no wonder more people than ever are turning to CBD oil benefits, particularly for support when it comes to mental clarity and focus. 

What are the best CBD products to help stay focused when your to do list is never ending? The most convenient and bioavailable options are CBD vape oil or a sublingual CBD oil. Wondering what bioavailability means? Bioavailability is the degree and the rate at which a product is absorbed into the bloodstream. Basically, it’s how quickly your body can access the CBD effects you’re looking for. 

Leafly Market curates a trustworthy collection of CBD oil tinctures, CBD vape oil, and more, from brands like PlusCBD Oil and Hempbase, to help support wellness needs around mental focus and clarity. All products on Leafly go through third-party lab testing to ensure transparency in contents and concentration, and every product is guaranteed to contain 0.3% or less THC by weight.