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Find the right CBD vape for you—or explore a CBD vape pen for every mood. They’re simple, portable, and come in a variety of formulas. Curious about how vaping works? Vaporizers bring hemp-derived concentrates to high temperatures for smooth inhalation and fast absorption through the lungs. Vaping CBD is an alternative way to inhale without traditional flame combustion (like smoking from a pipe). Consumers choose from pre-filled vape cartridges in various concentrations or formulas, which fit onto standardized vape batteries. Alternatively, disposable CBD vape pens combine the cartridge and battery into one simple device. Disposable pens are often designed to last upwards of 100 sessions.

Vape pens are made with three different types of hemp extract: full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate. (Each type is clearly labeled on every Leafly Market product page.) Full spectrum extracts retain all the cannabinoids of hemp, including CBD and a teeny, tiny trace of THC. Broad spectrum extracts keep most cannabinoids, but remove even the smallest trace of THC. CBD isolate is purely, simply CBD.

Leafly Market is a trusted source for your vaping desires, including favorites from brands like Hempbase and Bloom Farms. Every CBD vaporizer on Leafly Market goes through third-party lab testing to ensure transparency in contents and concentration, and every product is guaranteed to contain less than 0.3% THC per dose.

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