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Edibles & beverages

CBD edibles and beverages cover a wide variety of product types, like CBD gummies, seltzers, cooking oils, and mouth sprays. Compared to vaping or tinctures, CBD edibles take a little longer to kick in and their effects typically last a little longer.

To make edibles, producers typically infuse hemp compounds into a fat, like butter or coconut oil, and use that to make food. Beverages are typically made with a CBD tincture since tinctures mix better with liquids. After you ingest an edible or beverage, CBD is metabolized by enzymes in the liver before entering the bloodstream. (You can drop the term “hepatic metabolism” at your next trivia night.)

Edibles have come a long way since homemade brownies, but some truths remain. It may take up to two hours to take effect, even for CBD. Remember the golden rule of edibles: start low and go slow.

While shopping CBD edibles, you’ll see three types: full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate. The type is clearly labeled on every Leafly Market product page. Full spectrum extracts retain all the cannabinoids of hemp, allowing for synergistic effects. Broad spectrum extracts keep most cannabinoids, but completely remove every last trace of THC. CBD isolate is purely, simply CBD.

Leafly Market sells a trusted collection of hemp-derived, CBD-infused edibles from brands like Potli and Queen City Hemp. Every product goes through third-party lab testing to ensure transparency in contents and concentration, and every product is guaranteed to contain 0.3% THC or less per serving.

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