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Need suggestions on CBD products to fit your unique needs and lifestyle? We can help.

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Need suggestions?

Find the right CBD products to fit your lifestyle and needs. Because when it comes to CBD, it's never "one size fits all.”

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Leafly CertifiedLeafly Certified products go through additional independent testing by a Leafly Certified lab.
Accurate CBD contentOur team routinely audits test results from our lab partners to ensure accuracy in cannabinoid levels.
Tested for heavy metals and pesticidesCertified products are tested for harmful substances, additives, and chemicals.
Tested in verified labsCertified products are tested within a vetted network of Leafly Certified lab partners.

Life is better with CBD

"My girlfriend can feel frazzled from her fast-paced work environment in finance. I introduced her to a CBD tincture which she now uses daily before work and has seen a huge difference."
Joe R
Account Executive at Leafly
"My whole family uses CBD for different things in our daily lives. We’ve noticed a positive impact on our overall mood in particular and we’ve seen a reduction in our collective alcohol consumption, too."
Ian M
Sr. Product Manager at Leafly
"CBD face oil, where have you been all my life? As a 30-something professional living downtown, it helps my stressed-out skin stay glowy."
Christine W
Director of Brand Partnerships at Leafly
"I experience frequent discomfort from EDS due to weak collagen and hyperextended joints. The only thing that has made this bearable has been CBD vapes and topicals. On days where I ordinarily would be too uncomfortable to walk my body feels livable."
Kenn A
Product Data Entry Associate at Leafly
"I'm usually a super light sleeper, waking up a few times throughout the night. Any time I take CBD oil before bed I sleep through the entire night and don't feel groggy in the morning, which feels incredible."
Elizabeth M
Creative Services at Leafly
"After a long day, I struggle to turn off my brain when it's time to go to sleep. I started taking CBD capsules before bed and am able to fall asleep with much more ease and actually feel rested when I wake up."
Nicole D
Product Manager at Leafly
"I'm not really a runner, but sometimes, I like to pretend I am. I always rely on CBD salves after my cool downs to help my sore knees and quads feel so much better."
Hannah E
Copywriter at Leafly
"After several foot injuries, I would not be snowboarding these days if it weren't for CBD topicals for my joints and muscles. Applying CBD helps immensely."
Erica G
Sr. Financial Analyst at Leafly
"Recent changes have been causing both my dog and cat some emotional discomfort. Pet CBD has really helped both of them adjust and get a routine back. It's been such a relief to be able to help them like this!"
Ann C
Motion Designer at Leafly
"Being in my mid-thirties and living in Seattle, I struggle with dry skin. CBD is my saving grace. It keeps my face feeling and looking hydrated, and helps with annoying breakouts and redness. CBD is pure plant magic."
Stephanie S
Design Leaf at Leafly

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Understanding hemp-derived CBD

We never want you to feel lost or confused when shopping for CBD. Use this cheat-sheet to quickly learn more, or visit our CBD FAQs for in-depth information.